Cooler Master Introduces a Mainstream Cooler – Hyper TX3

Cooler Master Introduces a Mainstream Cooler – Hyper TX3TX3
With Intel’s mainstream Lynnfield CPUs (Core i5) expected to arrive in the coming months, Cooler Master has added a new product to their Hyper TX series of CPU Coolers. The Hyper TX3 is fully compatible with Intel LGA 1156 and previous socket types (Intel Sockets LGA 775 and AMD Sockets 754/939/940/AM2/AM3.)
Cooler Master has opted to use three Direct Contact heat-pipes in the TX3, ensuring that the best contact for heat dissipation is achieved, and using less copper allows the cost of the cooler to be reduced dramatically. Those in favour of push-pull fan configurations on tower CPU coolers will be pleased to know that the TX3 is ready for two clip-on 92mm PWM fans to deliver maximum heat transfer from the aluminium fins increasing the CPU cooling performance. The fan is rated at 17db (at lowest speed) and delivers 15.7 – 54.8 CFM depending on the rotational speed which ranges from 800-2800rpm.
Mounting the TX3 is an easy process done by attaching the mounting bracket for your socket type and installing the cooler with the push pin system. Love it or hate it, the push pin mounting system works well and allows the cooler to be removed/installed without the need to remove the motherboard from the chassis.
Best of all, the Hyper TX3 is set to retail for $19.99 making it one of the most affordable mainstream CPU coolers on the market. Discuss in our Forums.