Corsair CES 2017 roundup

Corsair announce their Bulldog V2 system and HX/TX-M Series PSUs

Corsair announce their Bulldog V2 system and HX/TX-M Series PSUs


Let’s have a look at Corsair latest products from CES 2017, including mice, keyboards, power supplies and even full on systems. 

First off Corsair announced their new Bulldog VR series system, which comes with several redesigned aspects which promise to improve this system’s performance and usability. To start off Corsair has upgraded this system with their new SF600 series SFX PSU as well as their custom-made 92mm low profile liquid cooling unit. 

This system uses an MSI Mini-ITX Z270 motherboard, which is ready for Intel’s latest range of Kaby Lake CPUs and has been upgraded with new fans from Corsair’s ML (Magnetic Levitation) series, which allow this unit to operate with much lower noise levels. 

The Bulldog will be a Corsair made barebones kit, where buyers will add a CPU, GPU and storage to the system to create their own powerful gaming powerhouse in an HTPC form factor. This product will be available soon on the Corsair webstore in the UK, US and Australia and will be backed up by a two-year warranty.  

Corsair announce their Bulldog V2 system and HX/TX-M Series PSUs


In recent years, Corsair has been at the forefront of the PSU market with some of the most efficient units on the market. Recently Corsair has also entered into the SFX PSU market with their SF600 and SF450 PSUs, opening up the option to create even smaller gaming PCs moving forward. 

At CES 2017 Corsair has released two new PSUs, their 80 Platinum rated HX series and their 80 Gold rated TX series. Both of these brand names will be familiar for longtime Corsair fans. 

These two PSUs will come with a black and grey colour scheme, making it suitable for most modern gaming PCs, regardless of theme or colour scheme. Corsair’s new HX series coming with compatibility with Corsair Link, allowing their users to easily track their systems power consumption with ease and offers full modularity for easy cable management.  

The new TX series of power supplies will come with semi-modular cables, allowing this unit to hit the sweet spot between performance and pricing while still allowing its users to have good cable management. 

Corsair will be releasing these two PSUs to the market in Q1 2017, though pricing is yet to be confirmed. Their new HX series of PSUs will come with a 10-year warranty, whereas their new TX series will come with a 7-year warranty. 

Corsair announce their Bulldog V2 system and HX/TX-M Series PSUs

Moving onto peripherals we have Corsair’s new flagship K95 RGB Platinum keyboard, which comes with an anodised aluminium frame and high-quality Cherry MX key switches. 

This new keyboard will be available in both Cherry MX Speed and Cherry MX Brown options, with this keyboard coming with full RGB lighting control. This keyboard will contain 8MB of onboard memory, allowing this keyboard to save onboard key profiles on the K95’s six dedicated macro keys. 

The K95 will be available with either black or gunmetal finishes on its anodised aluminium frame, with the keyboard sporting dedicated volume and multimedia controls as well as a set of FPS and MOBA optimised keycaps. 

Corsair will be releasing the K95 RGB Platinum in late January 2017, with this keyboard coming with a two-year warranty. Sadly Corsair has not announced this keyboard’s pricing. 



Corsair’s new Scimitar Pro RGB gaming mouse has now been released on the Corsair webstore, with availability expected at Corsair’s retail partners soon. 

This new mouse is designed for MMOs, MOBAs and RTS games, with 17 programmable buttons which can be fully remapped using Corsair’s Utility Engine (CUE) software. This uses Corsair patent-pending Key Slider system, which allows all buttons on the mouse to be repositioned by up to 8mm, allowing this mouse to be customised to the user’s preferences. 

The Scimitar Pro RGB uses a custom PMW3367 PIXART 16,000 DPI optical sensor, a well-respected sensor amongst gaming enthusiast which is usable on almost any surface with the utmost accuracy.

Alongside these key features this mouse will also support RGB lighting, which can be controlled and calibrated using Corsair’s CUE software. 



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