Corsair releases socket AM4 compatibility info

Corsair releases socket AM4 compatibility info

Corsair releases socket AM4 compatibility info

Over the past few days, we have been asked one simple question by out readers. Will Corsair’s existing AIO CPU cooler lineup support AMD’s upcoming Ryzen CPUs/AM4 socket?
We have now contacted Corsair and have confirmed that the company already has coolers on the market that support AM4 and that the company will be working on mounting kit upgrades for their other recent AIO liquid coolers. 
Below is a list that has been provided to us by Corsair, which lists all of the Corsair AIOs that currently support and will support AMD’s AM4 CPU socket using Corsair’s future upgrade kit.   
Cooler AM4 Compatability (Right Now) AM4 Compatability with an AM4 bracket/upgrade kit
H55 No Yes
H60 Yes
H75 No Yes
H80i V2 (H80i GT) No Yes
H100i (older model) Yes
H100i GT No Yes
H100i V2 (H100i GTX) No Yes
H105 No Yes
H110i Yes
H110i GT No Yes


If your cooler has not been included in this list, here is a basic guide which will let you know if your CPU cooler currently supports AMD’s AM4 socket. 

Below is Corsair’s clip based AM3/FM2 mount design, this mounting design will support AM4 as AMD has made their new clip-based CPU cooler mounts backwards compatible with older clip based cooler designs. 

If you CPU supports AMD’s clip-mounting mechanism, then your cooler already supports AM4.  

      Corsair releases socket AM4 compatibility info  Corsair releases socket AM4 compatibility info

Moving onto Corsair’s alternative AIO mount design, which screws into AMD’s AM3 motherboard backplate, will not be compatible with AMD’s AM4 CPU socket. 

AMD’s new socket design will be using a 90mm x 54mm mounting solution instead of AMD’s traditional AM3 96mm x 48mm mounting solution, which means that CPU coolers that screw into AMD’s backplate or use their own will not be AM4 compatible.  

CPU coolers using the mounting kit pictured below will require an upgrade kit in order to be fitted onto AMD’s new AM4 socket. 

CPU Socket Length     Height    
AM2/3/3 FM2/2 96mm 48mm
AM4 90mm 54mm



Corsair releases socket AM4 compatibility info

Corsair has already told us that they will be shipping their new cooler mounting plate to users within the next few weeks. Hopefully, this upgrade will be free to users, with consumers only paying postage fro the new mounting plate. 


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