Corsair’s “Concept Orion” takes RGB and Tempered Glass to a stylish new level, and we LOVE it – CES 2020


Corsair’s “Concept Orion” takes RGB to a stylish new level, and we LOVE it – CES 2020

At this point, it is undeniable that RGB lighting can sell products. There’s a reason why most gaming PCs are advertised with a rainbow glow and why seemingly every spec sheet comes with some note of LED illumination. In the world of PC cases, tempered glass has also proven to be popular, finding extensive use in modern chassis design for its clarity and scratch resistance. 

Corsair knows that these two elements sell cases, but what if we fused these ideas to create an RGB tempered glass case? Yes! That’s Concept Orion in a nutshell, and it looks fantastic. 

To create their “Concept Orion” chassis, Corsair has taken 150 of their ultra-efficient CAPELLIX LEDs (which are exclusive to Corsair) and add them to tempered glass using a low-visibility film. These LEDs are then connected to a Corsair lighting unit like their Light Node Pro or Commander Pro RGB to enable ARGB (Addressable RGB) control of the, now LED infused, tempered glass panels.   

Doing this allows Corsair to look at these LEDs like a grid on their iCUE software suite, enabling the company to create unique lighting effects with per-LED colour adjustments. This allows PC users to turn their case into an audio visualiser, or allow their case to react to iCUE integrated games.    


At this time, Corsair has no immediate plans to commercialise Concept Orion, though we hope to see this unique feature come to future Corsair cases or custom Origin PC systems.  

Unlike many RGB enabled PC, Orion offers consistent lighting over the entire glass surface of a case and can be easily turned off to create a more monolithic frame if required. This is an excellent idea; and one that we hope Corsair explores further. That said, all of those LED’s won’t come cheap, which is a factor that’s sure to bring out the RGB hate brigade. 

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