Hyte literally can’t make enough Y70 Touch cases to meet demand – Here’s why

Hyte’s Y70 Touch was 20x more popular than projected, and that has caused unexpected problems

We reviewed Hyte’s Y70 Touch when it launched in 2023, and we loved it. Sales for the case were much stronger than Hyte expected, surpassing the company’s projections by 20x. Those are insane sales numbers for a premium PC case, and Hyte are unable to keep up with demand.

Hyte has confirmed that now may be your last chance to purchase a Y70 Touch, at least for now. Hyte has exhausted the world’s supply of the Y70 Touch’s included 4K display, preventing Hyte from manufacturing more cases. This is why Hyte launched their LCD-less Y70 model earlier this month.

Currently, Hyte are working to create a new version of their Y70 Touch case with an “updated screen”, but moving to this screen will take time. Hyte expects this new model to launch in Q3 2024, and until then their Y70 Touch will be in limited supply.

Below is what Hyte had to say about their Y70 Touch production shortfall.

The response to Y70 Touch has exceeded our wildest expectations, almost 20x our projections, leading to delays as we worked tirelessly to build additional screens. Unfortunately, we have exhausted the global supply of available screens in this 4K specification, making it impossible for us to meet the volume of demand. As a result, we expect the supply of Y70 Touch to be extremely limited as we transition to launching a new version with an updated screen sometime in Q3 2024.

If you’re looking to pick up a Y70 Touch (4K), this will be your last chance to get one, as we have a limited supply left in the market! We will continue to deliver additional features and improvements in the future via HYTE Nexus across Y70 Touch generations.

Furthermore, we’ve seen your posts and messages about waiting for Y70 Touch to finish your dream PC build. It frankly sucks to see our supporters waiting to HYTE up their set-up dealing with order delays despite our best efforts, which is why we launched Y70 on February 15, 2024. A Touchscreen Upgrade Kit for Y70 will also be made available in Q3 2024.

This way, everyone gets to enjoy the benefits of Y70 and finish their builds while still having the opportunity to get the full Y70 Touch experience in the future! We will share additional details and open pre-orders on the upgrade kits with priority access for those who ordered a Y70 as we get closer to launch.

We appreciate your continued support and thank you for taking this journey with us as we evolve the meaningful digital connections in our lives.

Y70 non-Touch models will have an LCD upgrade option

For now, would-be Y70 Touch purchasers should buy a standard Y70 if the Touch model is not in stock. Hyte has confirmed that LCD upgrade kits for the Y70 will be available in Q3 2024. This will allow Y70 owners to upgrade their case to a Y70 Touch when LCD upgrades are available.

Hyte are committed to returning their Y70 Touch to market in large enough quantities. The company are also committed to supporting existing owners with updates to their HYTE Nexus software, which unlocks useful features for the Touch’s LCD screen. Owners of the Y70 Touch should expect continued updates and feature improvements for the Nexus App and their case’s LCD screen.

You can join the discussion on Hyte’s Y70 Touch production issues on the OC3D Forums.

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