Intel’s Pineview Gets a Stylishly Slim Home from ECS

Intel’s Pineview Gets a Stylishly Slim Home from ECS
The mock-up Pineview based PC case show-cased by ECS is miniatureIntel’s announcement of its next generation Pineview Atom Platform is not yet 24 hours past and we already have a full PC designed around it! That’s right; Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) today displayed their super slim miniature PC box designed around the Pineview Platform. (Image courtesy
At just one litre volume, the yet to be named ECS box might be miniature, but it still seems to pack a punch. Designed around a central metal plate for high heat dissipation, the small but heavy box comes with plastic edges. It features two Intel Atom cores, a DDR2 northbridge, and integrated graphics – all on a single die. This combination makes the PC highly power efficient in comparison to the earlier three chips for CPU and southbridge pattern.
This energy efficient set-up comes with DVI, VGA, and four USB 2.0 ports in the connectivity options, with the DVI expected to pave the path for Windows 7 WHQL certification for the box. Two channel front and rear audio ports, an SD slot, 802.11 wireless, and Gigabit Ethernet round up the specifications.
The box put up on display at Computex is an early mock-up and ECS is expected to further refine the design. Slimmer than Asus’ Eee Box, the only refinement the new design lacks is the presence of a cool base to augment its appeal; the manufacturer is considering adding that in the form of a VESA mount.
The only aspect remaining to be checked out for this sexy-looking PC is the actual performance; though with Pineview inside and the new set-up, chances of the system falling short on performance seem to be on the slimmer side. Should we say just like the PC itself?
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