Lian Li Set To Announce New Case Range – Watch Here

Lian Li Announce New Case Range

New Lian Li Range

Whilst most of the country was watching England finally beat the Germans in a knock out format, the rest of the worth carried on which means we must carry on despite a heroic quantity of beer inside us. Lian Li have been holding their second Digital Expo, and they’ve revealed a raft of models that will be in shop soon, alongside a couple of prototypes.

If you want to watchalong yourselves you can via this Youtube link right here.

We’ll handle the prototypes first, and then show you all their new and updated cases. Ready your wallets one and all.

SL120 Infinity Fan

Lian Li Announce New Case Range

Anyone who has spent any time customising their case will know the importance of a good fan. Not just in terms of providing excellent cooling for your hardware, but also to look the part too. The new Uni Fan SL120 Infinity has the same frame as Lian Li’s SL120, but adds infinity mirrors in the corners along with an infinity mirror and LED Lian Li logo. Perfect if you’ve already got an infinity mirror AIO.


Lian Li Announce New Case Range

Lian Li are definitely most famous for their cases. We remember when they first appeared on the market and they were instantly the Rolls Royce of things into which you can put your hardware. The newest addition is the LANCOOL III which supports everything from Mini-ITX through to the EATX sized behemoths. With hinged panels on the sides for easy opening and closing – no more fighting to locate the pins with all your cables in the way – whilst the front and top have fine mesh to aid airflow. There is a modular update to the internals with the ability to remove top and shroud brackets as well as the extra drive cage which brings you up to 6 2.5″ or four 3.5″ and two 2.5″ drives. With support for 10 120mm fans, or 4 140mm and 1 120mm, there is plenty of potential airflow, which will help keep your GPU cool. The LANCOOL III supports graphics cards up to an enormous 397mm too.


Lian Li Announce New Case Range

If you prefer your cases to be smaller form facotr then cast your eyes upon the Q58. It has loads of improvements over the earlier model, including swappable glass and mesh panels as well as the ability to install your PSU without removing the motherboard tray. Otherwise it’s the same heavily modular case we’ve come to know and love, with radiator support alongside the ability to install triple slot graphics cards should you so desire. They’ve even lengthened the front panel audio cable.

O11 Air Mini

Lian Li Announce New Case Range

The O11 Air Mini might seem like it’s going to be a compact number. Dimensionally it is – 400mm x 288mm – but you can still squeeze in six SSDs or 4 3.5″ and 2 2.5″ drives, alongside anything from a mini-ITX through to an E-ATX motherboard. It even supports full ATX power supplies, so if you’ve been aching for a system with a small footprint but big potential it might be just what you need.


Lian Li Announce New Case Range

Lian Li have collaborated with DAN Case to refresh the A4-H20. With all-aluminium construction it promises to be light and sturdy, the watchwords of Lian Li cases through the years. The update includes sharper edges on the design (but hopefully not the internals) whilst the front panel connectors have been moved to the left hand side. Internally you can fit triple slot GPUs up to 321mm long, and 240mm AIO utilises the new radiator mounting bracket.


Lian Li Announce New Case Range

Modularity and flexibility are very much in vogue at the moment and the O11D EVO is perfectly equipped to give you every possible combination. It’s fully reversable including the IO module, should you want to stretch your build skills. There is a tool-less radiator bracket, better cable management options, strengthened retaining clips throughout and even the ability to transform the radiator mounting brackets into drive trays.

V3000 Plus

Lian Li Announce New Case Range 
Lastly the V3000 is a case that could star in 2001AD thanks to its beefy proportions and monolithic front view. As you would expect from a premium Lian Li case all the boxes have been ticked. Dual system support, multiple motherboard orientation possibilities sit alongside many ways to install radiators and fans. The front and top panels are easy to remove should you want to reveal the mesh covers for full airflow fun and games. Those of you with plentiful games collections will appreciate the ability to install up to 20 hard drives. The bays themselves split from 10 into 5 removable ones, whilst you can squeeze another 8 into the shroud area. Owners of too many drives rejoice!

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