Lian Li’s RED Branded Offering to Gamers

Lian Li’s RED Branded Offering to Gamers
Lian Li's ARMORSUIT PC-50R comes with AMD branding and RED innardsBoosting its gamer-oriented chassis series, Lian Li today put forward its AMD-branded ARMORSUIT PC-P50R. The specially designed chassis is a reflection of true ATI style.
Lian Li’s gamer-oriented chassis are generally considered hot property and are highly popular among gaming enthusiasts for their terrific styling, class and tool-free functionality. Building on this popularity, the ARMORSUIT PC-P50R, a stylised version of the company’s ARMORSUIT PC-50 displays an AMD logo on the front and has RED anodised insides to match ATI colours.
On the inside, the chassis comes with securing mechanisms that allow installation of the motherboard, power supply, optical drives, hard drives and graphics cards without the need for any tools. A mid-tower chassis, the ARMORSUIT PC50-R measures 210mm x 490mm x 490mm and has enough room for six 5.25in drives and three 3.5in drives.
It also features a 120mm front intake, two 140mm top-mounted exhausts, and a 120mm rear exhaust that provide enough cooling for even the most energy-intense games. There is also space for eight PCIe slots and Micro-ATX or ATX motherboards. In short, the derived chassis has all the functionality of the original ARMORSUIT PC-P50.
Looks like a must buy for gamers, but AMD branding of the chassis will not make it cheap. Lian Li is likely to introduce the ARMORSUIT PC-50R, which will be available towards the end of May, at a price of $240 plus VAT. After all, branding does come at a premium!
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