THOR ZONE’s MJOLNIR case shatters Kickstarter goals

THOR ZONE's MJOLNIR case shatters Kickstarter goals

THOR ZONE’s MJOLNIR case shatters Kickstarter goals

When building PCs, many of us want to fit the most powerful hardware possible within the smallest possible enclosure. Whether you need a compact LAN-ready PC or a simple need to save up some desk space, MITX is the form factor of choice for size conscious PC builders. But what if your aim is to have the smallest gaming PC possible? 

THOR ZONE, a Sweedish startup, has released its compact MJOLNIR Mini ITX case onto Kickstarter, shattering the company’s financial target of SEK 585,000 (£46,851), having already generated SEK 1,822,573 (£145,967). This case only took 11 minutes to surpass its Kickstarter funding target. 

The MJOLNIR is a compact  ITX chassis that’s designed to contain CPUs like Intel’s i9-9900K and GPUs like the RTX 2080 Ti with ease. It’s a mighty weapon which players can wield to challenge even the most demanding of PC games. 

This case is designed to occupy less than 10 litres of space, measuring in at 209 x 131 x 354 mm, making the MJOLNIR one of the smallest PC cases on the market. The case requires an included PCIe riser cable to support a graphics card, which is a must for an enclosure of this size. The case even ships with support for liquid cooling, with radiator sizes up to 240mm being supported within the chassis. 

Below is a list of supported hardware for the THOR ZONE MJOLNIR.



– The support for the motherboard is for a mini-ITX motherboard and is thermally solvent and recommended for use with an Intel Core i9-9900K.

GPU Compatibility

– The case was designed to fit in the biggest and most powerful graphics cards from AMD and NVIDIA.


– The case supports RAM with a maximum height of 55mm.

Power Supply

– The case has space inside for SFX or SFX-L size power supply.


– The case supports two 2.5″ HDD/SSD along with an M.2 SSD.


– For air cooling, it supports two 120mm fans and also has a design that maximizes thermal performance.
– For water cooling, it has space for a custom loop or up to 240mm AIO

The THOR ZONE MJOLNIR is available for as little as £233 on Kickstarter. Initial case orders are expected to ship in May 2020. 

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