Watch Lian Li’s 2020 Digital Expo here

Watch Lian Li's 2020 Digital Expo here

Watch Lian Li’s 2020 Digital Expo here

Lian Li wasn’t able to have their usual Computex showcase this year, which means that the company had to find another way o give its fans a sneak peek at their upcoming product lines. 

Presenting Lian Li’s 2020 Digital Expo, an “exclusive preview” of what the company has planned for the next year. You can expect to see new cooling products, case designs and modding tools from Lian Li, as well as some crazy custom chassis designs.

Lian Li is a favourite amongst many case modders and custom PC builders, making this show a must-watch for many in the PC building community. If little else, this showcase will give you some ideas for what you can do with your current or next build, if not show you what will become your next PC enclosure. 

The stream starts at 2 PM BST, and the video below will become a VOD of the showcase after the event concludes. 

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