AMD Prepares RD790 Chipset

News Posted 07/04/07
Author: WC Annihilus
Source: The Inquirer


It seems that AMD has begun to do the prep work for a new chipset, the RD790. Recently, PCI Special Interests Group approved AMD’s RD790 core logic for the use of PCI and PCI-Express.

Rumor has it that the new chipset will support HyperTransport (HT) 3.0, the clock scaling up to 2.6GHZ. This will be used to support 42 PCI-Express lanes, enough to keep up with a pair of x16, x4, and x1 lanes. It also looks like the chipset will be in the 65nm manufacturing process and will support the upcoming 65nm Athlon X2 chips.

Currently there is no news on prices, other features, or a release date.

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