AMD’s Istanbul Coming in June, Bulldozer in 2011

AMD’s Istanbul Coming in June, Bulldozer in 2011
Shipments of AMD's Istanbul CPUs should start next monthThe official word from AMD is out – it will start shipping the six-core Istanbul server CPUs from June of this year. The new schedule is several months ahead of original expectations and should allow AMD to claw back some way towards catching up with Intel’s Nehalem.
With Intel’s six core Nehalem architecture fast capturing the market, it was necessary for AMD to come up with something quickly; the revised schedule should hopefully do the job. AMD has also reportedly chalked out a detailed roadmap for the next couple of years with launches scheduled at regular intervals.
The chip manufacturer is currently hard at work on its Direct Connect Architecture 2.0, which has the capacity to connect up to 12 cores simultaneously or combine two six core CPUs. This technology is expected to be launched in early 2010. Also coming in 2010 are its AMD Opteron 6000 series and AMD Opteron 4000 series processors.
Designed for 2P and 4P servers, the 6000 series will reportedly feature a new G34 socket and Maranello platform with two and twelve core Magny-Cours processors. It is expected to compete directly with Intel’s upcoming Nehalem EX platform. The 4000 series on the other hand is targeted at 1P and 2P servers; it will be based on the San Marino platform, carry a new C32 socket and feature five and six core Lisbon CPUs.
AMD has planned the launch of its Bulldozer CPU sometime in 2011, with the year also witnessing the introduction of its Valencia processor. The Bulldozer will support the Maranello platform and come with 12 and 16 cores, while the Valencia will have the San Marino platform with six to eight cores. Both CPUs will be manufactured in the 32nm process.
On the whole, AMD seems to have Intel fairly in its sights, but the chip industry runner-up has quite a bit of catching up to do in terms of overall performance.
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