Asustek Supports Intel’s Quad-Core Launch

News Posted 16/11/2006
Author: PV5150
Source: Digi-Times

With 10 motherboards supporting Kentsfield and the same amount for Clovertown, Asustek easily won the competition, and was awarded to deliver the first testimonial speech among Intel’s partners. In desktop motherboards, Asustek was followed by Gigabyte with eight models, Universal Abit with seven and Foxconn (the registered trade name for Hon Hai Precision Industry) with five.

In total, 39 desktop motherboards from eight vendors were presented at the event. For quad-core Xeon processor support, the two leaders were Asustek and US-based Supermicro, each with 10 motherboards. Gigabyte and Micro-Star International (MSI) shared third place, with three motherboards each. In total, 32 products from eight vendors represented Intel’s ecosystem in this segment.

Today, Intel officially launched four quad-core Xeon processors and one Core 2 Extreme CPU, all with 64KB level-one (L1) cache (equally shared between data and instruction caches) per core and 2x4MB level-two (L2) cache. Priced from US$455 to US$1,172, all the new CPUs are promised to be socket-compatible with Intel’s future 45nm quad-core processors, according to Intel.



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