First images of X370 motherboard packaging appear

First images of X370 motherboard packaging appear

First images of X370 motherboard packaging appear


Numerous images of socket AM4 motherboards and their packaging have appeared online. While many AM4-motherboards have already been shown, pictures of the packaging were not published, until now.

Each motherboard box will feature information about their specific chipset, along with a small Ryzen logo. Support for XFR or other Ryzen-specific features don’t seem to be listed on the packaging, though.

First images of X370 motherboard packaging appear

The first motherboard that’s shown is the Gigabyte Aorus AX370-Gaming 5, boasting very sleek and minimalistic packaging. Similar to its Kaby Lake counterpart, it features three reinforced PCIe slots and support for USB 3.1 Gen 2, Killer E2500 network card and U.2 storage, the latter of which is normally reserved for high-end motherboards. The X370 Gaming 5 also features a single M.2 connector, while the Z270 equivalent sports two. The X370 variant also seems to have less SATA connectors, too. It’s worth noting that the X370 motherboard will likely be less expensive, though.

Next up is Biostar’s line-up, featuring two X370 and two more budget friendly B350 motherboards. All of these boards are from their Racing lineup and feature a very sporty design.

First images of X370 motherboard packaging appearFirst images of X370 motherboard packaging appear

First up is the X370GT7. The GT7 sports a single M.2 connector, 6 SATA ports and three PCIe slots. U.2 support is missing here. The X370GT5 motherboard is very similar but loses a full-sized PCIe slot and rear I/O cover. It also has less robust VRM heatsinks. Both feature very similar packaging, with only the bare minimum of information on them.

 First images of X370 motherboard packaging appear  First images of X370 motherboard packaging appear

Biostar also showed a few B350 motherboards, the first of which is the B350GT5. The GT5 features four SATA ports and a single M.2 slot. It’s smaller brother, the GT3 features only two SATA connectors, along with room for an M.2 drive. Worth noting is that, while the VRM heatsink is very minimal, both boards should allow for some budget overclocking.

Packaging for two X370 motherboards from ASUS also emerged, starting with the Crosshair VI Hero, which seems to be ASUS’ most high-end AM4 motherboard at the moment.

First images of X370 motherboard packaging appear

The packaging is very reminiscent of its Kaby Lake equivalent, The Maximus IX Hero. The box lists support for Nvidia SLI and AMD’s own CrossFire but is otherwise very minimalistic. Feature-wise, the Hero is very similar to the Maximus IX, albeit without dual M.2 connectors. The AM4 board does seem to sport two more SATA connectors, which is interesting.

As far as pricing goes, previous leaks suggest that the Crosshair Hero will cost up to $20 less that the Kabylake counterpart. This the MSRP though, which means prices could drop a bit further.

First images of X370 motherboard packaging appear

Last up is the ASUS Prime X370-Pro, a more budget-friendly, but still fairly feature-rich motherboard. The box lists, again, support for both CrossFire and SLI, along with support for USB 3.1. This motherboard doesn’t feature an I/O shield, but still features VRM heatsinks for overclocking. This motherboard, too, features 8 SATA connectors and a single M.2 slot. The MSRP is rumored to be around $149, making this a very competitive board.

As the launch of Ryzen and AM4 approaching, it’s likely that more and more manufacturers will send out pictures of their Ryzen-related products. We at OC3D will keep you up to date.


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