GIGABYTE’s Motherboard Splash at Computex

GIGABYTE’s Motherboard Splash at Computex
GIGABYTE is showcasing its latest range of motherboards at Computex this year; the boards feature the manufacturer’s latest 24-phase power VRM design and Smart 6 technologies. The motherboard put on display include the Intel P55 chipset series and the AMD785G chipset based GA-MA785G-UD3H.
A proprietary technology developed by GIGABYTE, the 24-phase power VRM design spreads the workload of the CPU to 24 power phases. This keeps heat down while improving the overall power delivery efficiency. Smart 6 Technologies on the other hand are highly-user friendly; the six technologies included in the group are SMART QuickBoot, SMART Recorder, SMART TimeLock, SMART Recovery, SMART QuickBoost and SMART DualBIOS.
The first among the two major motherboards showcased is the GA-EP55-UD5 motherboard, which is based on Intel’s P55 chipset. The other Intel based motherboard is GIGABYTE’s flagship GA-EX58A-EXTREME motherboard, which carries the X58 chipset. The 24-phase power VRM design makes both motherboards ready for extreme overclocking. With integrated SATA 3.0, both motherboards feature 6Gbps data transfer rates, making them superior to current SATA motherboards.
On the AMD side of things, GIGABYTE has put up its high-performance GA-MA-790FXT-UD5P motherboard, which is based on AMD’s Dragon Platform. Designed for AMD AM3 Phenom II processors, the motherboard is targeted at high-performance systems for work, home and gaming use. The motherboard supports DDR3 with up to 1666+ MHz clock speeds, making it ideal for extreme gaming and graphics applications.
The second AMD motherboard that GIGABYTE is showing off at Computex this year is the AMD 785G chipset based GA-MA785G-UD3H. The on-board ATI Radeon HD 4200 graphics and DirectX 10.1 support with ATI Stream technology make the motherboard one of the best for gaming and fluid computing.
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