Intel CSI-based Boards; CoalCreek & Springville

News Posted 21/03/07
Author: PV5150
Source: VR-Zone

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According to our online source, Intel is vehemently whittling away at providing enough computational power for the future – through the use of 80-core, 100-core and 120-core chips. Admittedly, this type of processing will remain within the server set for some time to come, but it’s the concepts that come along for the ride that make it truly impressive. We can only hope that they filter down to the desktop.

For the 80-core Polaris research chip, Intel’s researchers have been hammering away on the concept of 3-D memory where the cache rests above the processor cores. This technique lets a core anywhere on a single slice of silicon tap the cache in just a couple of cycles rather than traversing the entire chip to reach the cache bank. On the CSI platforms, they managed to spot one board code-named Coalbrook or CoalCreek and another called Springville that had built-in optical modules. Both systems were identified as using Intel’s upcoming CSI technology which is the company’s attempt to catch-up to AMD’s Hypertransport/integrated memory controller technology.

3-D memory…optical modules…the mind boggles.

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