Intel Releases 3 Low-Power Quads for Desktop PCs

Intel Intros Low-Power Quads for Desktop PCs Intel logo

Intel Corporation yesterday announced three new low-power processors for the desktop market. Based upon a 45nm manufacturing process, the three new CPU’s  – Q9550s, Q9400s and Q8200s operate from 2.33GHz – 2.83GHz clock-speeds and feature cache sizes 12/6/4MB’s respectively.

Intel has introduced new Intel® Core™2 Quad processors with a 65 Watt thermal design power specification, much lower than the 95 Watt rating for previous similar Intel quad core processors. These new, power-efficient parts are designed for sleek and cool desktop PC designs. Intel is shipping three new processors to support a range of system options.

Intel® Core™2 Quad Processor specifications here

Pricing for the new 65W Quad-core processors are as follows (prices in $US and 1000-unit quantities): Q9550s – $369, Q9400s – $320 and Q8200s – $245.

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