Intel Releases New 50-Watt Quad-Core Xeons

News Posted 12/03/07
Author: MikeEnIke
Source: TechDaily

New Xeon 50-Watt
In the attempt to minimize power usage by servers, Intel has release a new sampling of their Xeon server processors to help ease the pain of the the next electric bill of the company, which everyone knows is caused by the server room. This low wattage processor is a step in the right direction, against the need for crazy power supplies to support those 12 hard drives and 2 processors. The old Xeon Quad-Core offerings used 120 watts to power them. That’s more than a 50% efficiency increase!

These Xeons, the Intel L5320 and L5310, are clocked at 1.86Ghz and 1.60Ghz. Although light on power, these babies are in no way light on performance. Like previous models, there is a total of 8MB (2x4MB) L2 cache on the core, with 4MB L2 cache per pair of cores. The prices are $519 for the L5320 and $455 for the L5310 to the suppliers.

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