Intel’s Cascade Lake-X pledges to shatter Threadripper’s value proposition

Intel's Cascade Lake-X pledges to shatter Threadripper's value proposition

Intel’s plans to shatter Threadripper’s value proposition with Cascade Lake-X

Intel’s preparing to release their next-generation of high-end desktop (HEDT) processors next month in the form of Cascade Lake-X. With this release, Intel is hoping to inject some new life into their X299 platform by offering more value for money than ever before. 

With Cascade Lake-X, Intel plans to offer PC builders between 74% and 109% more performance-per-dollar than their last-generation offerings. While Intel has not stated how they plan to achieve this, our guess is that it will be with clock speed bumps and higher core counts at every price point. 

The slide below details Intel’s plans, basically admitting that AMD’s existing Threadripper offerings offer more value for money than their current-generation Skylake-X series CPUs. Even so, Intel’s upcoming Cascade Lake-X series is due to revolutionise the pricing structure of the HEDT market, which is great news for consumers.     

Regardless, we already know that AMD has plans to release 3rd Generation Threadripper processors in the coming quarters. This leaves us to suspect that Intel’s offer of increased value comes as a pre-emptive response to AMD’s upcoming Zen 2 Threadripper CPUs. Below is what Intel has to say about Cascade Lake-X. 

    Intel has dramatic changes coming next month for the X-series and HEDT (high-end desktop market) line as well. The new family of products code-named Cascade Lake-X will offer up to 2x the performance per dollar of the previous generation. Though it is too early to talk about the specifics of how we are accomplishing this, you will see soon enough our commitment to the X-series and W-series families across Intel.

Intel's Cascade Lake-X pledges to shatter Threadripper's value proposition  

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