Intel’s Fastest Core i7 Coming in June

Intel’s Fastest Core i7 Coming in June
Intel will be launching its fastest Core i7 975 next month at ComputexIntel is getting ready for a dual launch in June – that of its fastest Core i7 975 and the Core i7 950. Both the processors are expected to be officially introduced at Computex.
AMD’s launch of its Phenom II X4 955 processor clocked at 3.2GHz brought some competition for Intel’s Core i7 965, which also features the same clock speed. However, the Intel processor did have a performance edge over the AMD offering. So Intel has not been in a rush to up the ante and come out with a faster processor.
Intel’s partners were intimated about the chip maker’s plans of introducing its Core i7 975 – its fastest processor till date – sometime in Q2, but an exact date of release was not given. Now it seems the launch might be during next month’s Computex at Taipei. The Core i7 975 will feature an exciting 3.33GHz clock speed while the Core i7 950 will work at 3.06GHz. The latter is expected to replace Intel’s Core i7 940 processor.
It now remains to be seen what AMD’s reaction is…
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