MSI announces X58 Pro

MSI announces X58 Pro Motherboard

Press ReleaseMicro-Star International Co. Ltd., today announced the most affordable Core i7 solution on the market. Based on the Intel X58 chipset with a ICH10R southbridge, this board supports the full i7 range of processors, with ultra-high QPI bandwidth and six DDR3 DIMM slots.

The MSI X58 Pro comes complete with three dual-slot PCI Express x16 slots that offer support for both ATI’s triple CrossFireX and Nvidia’s Tri-SLI.

It comes complete with MSI’s DrMOS power-saving technology, which has been proven to reduce the power draw under low usage conditions, whilst being able to provide full power the instant the system requires it.

To help provide efficient cooling, the heatpipe of MSI X58 Pro comes with a split thermal system. This helps to prevent the transfer of heat from the chipset to the PWM. Due to its unique power efficiency, the MSI DrMOS system keeps the PWM cool by itself, helping the overclocker to achieve higher results.

The X58 Pro also comes with MSI’s unique M-Flash, which allows you to boot a second BIOS from a USB stick should it be necessary.

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.An overview of the X58 Pro

So, will this be the first truly affordable X58 motherboard?

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