MSI to Add V-Kit to P55 Motherboards

MSI to Add V-Kit to P55 Motherboards
MSI plans to include a new “V-Kit” in all of its latest P55 motherboards, a feature that will allow users to keep a track of motherboard voltages with a multimeter. The addition should come in real handy for overclockers and extreme gamers.
The inclusion has been reported by tech portal Bit-tech, who claims insider sources for the information. Multimeter readings are a better and more accurate method of clocking the voltage readings for motherboards when pushing their limits.
Unlike the readouts from the BIOS and OS, a multimeter has the ability to check for factors such as vdrop and vdroop. This allows users to get a near perfect idea about the actual voltages being supplied to the chip.
The highly in-demand feature, which is already present on certain high-end motherboards including the Asus ROG and Foxconn Quantum Force, has so far been in scarce availability. MSI’s move makes it the first motherboard manufacturer to offer this feature across all its boards.
The V-Kit included by MSI features access to separate grounding. This means users will be able to simultaneously check any two voltages from among the CPU, vtt, memory and P55 chipset voltage points. A cool offering for enthusiasts!
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