MSI’s CPU Guard 1151 will protect your CPU from bending

Skylake CPU can get damaged from Cooler mounting pressure

MSI’s CPU Guard 1151 will protect your CPU from bending


When it came to light that several Intel Skylake CPU were bent/damaged under the pressure of specific CPU coolers enthusiasts everywhere were concerned. Is my CPU safe? Is my CPU cooler truly compatible with Skylake? Well thankfully the majority of CPU coolers are unaffected by this issue and now thanks to MSI you can now give your CPU an extra level of protection from bending. 

Meet the MSI CPU Guard 1151, an Intel Skylake mounting bracket which replaces Intel’s stock CPU mounting sytem. This bracket was designed primarily for using delided CPUs, but MSI has found that by strengthening the corners of your CPU with this bracket, your CPU can withstand more vertical pressure. 


MSI has received news from various media websites about possible bending of Intel 6th Generation Processors when using heavy-weight cooling solutions. Possible bending might not occur straight away, however, as your system sits on its desk or moving it anywhere, could result in unwanted effects. To make sure you will never encounter this problem we developed the CPU GUARD 1151 to protect your Socket 1151 Intel Xeon E3 v5 / Core / Pentium or Celeron processor which strengthens the corners to withstand more vertical pressure.


MSI's CPU Guard 1151 will protect your CPU from bending  MSI's CPU Guard 1151 will protect your CPU from bending  


What the  main selling point of MSI’s CPU Guard 1151 is that it allows users to have a much easier time using delided CPUs, either allowing you to more easily cool your CPU die directly with your cooling solution or to more easily hold your IHS in place if you have replaced it’s thermal compound.  


        Besides protecting your CPU, the CPU GUARD 1151 is also the perfect tool for anyone looking to   ‘delid’ their 6th Generation Intel processor. When re-applying the IHS, the design of the CPU GUARD 1151 tightly locks the HIS ensuring it will stay in its place and you will never have to worry about optimal thermal performance or it moving. Recently the CPU GUARD 1151 was used during an overclocking event, helping top overclockers push their Skylake CPU to the max, breaking world records.


MSI's CPU Guard 1151 will protect your CPU from bending


Right now MSI has not announced the release date of their CPU Guard for Intel’s 1151 socket, or how it will be made available to end users, but we expect this to be a very popular piece of equipment for use with Skylake CPUs, especially when you are deliding your CPU for better thermal performance. 


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