Thermaltake Launches “Key 3 Spirit”

Key 3 Spirit

Other than the performance of CPU & graphic card, consumers are starting to pay closer attention to the overall integration of the system. This integration requires advanced solutions for other elements of the system, the case, cooler and power supply. These three elements play key roles in reducing system noise and increasing system performance with superb thermal design. But many computer users are generally unaware of what advanced design and technologies are available for these elements. Thermaltake believes people need to know more about the components they are purchasing and the company behind it

Purchasing a Thermaltake Case, Cooler, or Power Supply labeled with “Key 3 Spirit” is an assurance that the “Quality”, “Performance” and “Reliability” of the components meet the highest standard. In addition, Thermaltake’s intangible image of “Innovation”, “Fashionable Design”, and “Professionalism” will be accompanied with every system, to further elevate the value the users system.

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