VIA Carbon-Free C7-D CPU’s Attract UK Customers

VIA C7-D logo

Earlier we brought you the news of VIA’s new C7-D Carbon free processor.
With the pairing of VIA’s C7-D CPU and CN700 chipset, it has won adoption by UK-based Evesham Technology and Tranquil PC. Both vendors have announced new carbon-free PCs based on the VIA C7-D processor platform, according to VIA.

The Evesham Carbon3 and Tranquil PC carbon-free systems, such as the new T7, bring together ultra-energy efficient operation and the offset of the CO2 emissions produced from the operation of the systems over their lifetime through investment in UK-based projects in energy conservation, reforestation, and alternative energy.

According to David J Thompson of Tranquil PC’s, “…in the UK and EU there has been a real shift in organisational demands where they are taking a serious look at the environmental impact of their IT infrastructure purchases”

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