3DMARK Holiday Beta – New UI and VRMARK Preview

3DMARK Holiday Beta - New UI and VRMARK Preview

3DMARK Holiday Beta – New UI and VRMARK Preview


Futuremark has just unleashed their 3DMARK Holiday Beta, giving the program a New UI and Preview for their upcoming VRMARK benchmark.   


      The 3DMark Holiday Beta is your chance to try some of the new features coming to 3DMark in 2016. Find out more here.

The beta is open to everyone who owns the paid version of 3DMark on Steam. Sorry, demo users. To join the beta, follow these simple steps:

  1. – Open your Steam Library, and choose Software.
  2. – Right-click on 3DMark, and select Properties.
  3. – In the window that opens, click on the BETAS tab.
  4. – Enter access code “HappyHolidays”, then click on the CHECK CODE button.
  5. – From the drop-down menu, select “2016 UI & VRMark Preview”
  6. – The beta will now start downloading.


The DLC installation process will be a little awkward until Steam finishes automatically adding it to everybody’s account. For now, follow the steps below. You will then be able to install and uninstall each test from within 3DMark.

  1. – Right-click on 3DMark in your Library, and select “View Downloadable Content.”
  2. – In the new window, click on “View available downloadable content for this product”
  3. – For each DLC, click through to its store page, and click on the “Play Game” button.
  4. – This adds the free DLC to your account and allows you to install it in 3DMark.
  5. – When you have unlocked all the DLCs, launch 3DMark and enjoy!

You can leave the beta and revert to the public version of 3DMark at any time. You do that by going to the BETAS drop-down and selecting “NONE – Opt out of all beta programs.”


3DMARK Holiday Beta - New UI and VRMARK Preview  

Right now the beta for the new UI and the VRMARK Preview is exclusive to the paid Steam Version of 3DMARK and with my short time using it I find it to be a huge improvement over the older version, allowing me to more quickly access my desired benchmark and navigate thorough the program.  


       Known issues and notes

– The VRMark Preview does not work on Windows 7 as that OS is not supported by the VR headset drivers. We’re looking into enabling monitor mode on Windows 7.
– VRMark Preview does not support multi-GPU yet. Disable SLI/Crossfire to avoid rendering issues. We’re working on a fix for this.
– The VRMark Preview fails on PCs set to Turkish locale in Windows.
– The beta includes a workaround for the AMD driver issue where the preview videos in the UI caused some AMD graphics cards to use low power mode and run at lower clock speeds. If you experienced this issue earlier, please tell us whether the beta solves the problem for you and your exact video card model.


3DMARK Holiday Beta - New UI and VRMARK Preview  

Right now Futuremark plans on releasing a DirectX 12 and a Virtual Reality benchmark in 2016, providing both benchmarkers and reviewers some of the first tools for comparing hardware on these new software and hardware innovations. 

Right now we do not know when Futuremark plan on releasing these benchmarks officially, but you can be sure that we will be testing them as soon as they are available. 


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