AMD FreeSync has been added to 20 Samsung QLED TVs

Samsung releases FreeSync Firmware Updates for several 2018 televisions

AMD FreeSync has been added to 20 Samsung QLED TVs

AMD and Samsung have jointly announced that FreeSYnc has arrived on 20 Samsung QLED TV models, bringing AMD’s Variable Refresh Rate technology into the living room. 

This announcement brings FreeSync to into the large-screen television format, an ideal partner for Microsoft’s Xbox One ecosystem, which gained support for AMD’s FreeSync technology in March.

FreeSync is now available for Samsung’s 2018 QLED NU8000 and NU8500 range for 54-82-inch variants, arriving as part of a free Gamer Mode update, which is designed to minimise display latency when playing games on either consoles or PCs. 

Samsung’s latest QLED TVs also offer support for HDR content, supporting peak brightness levels of up to 1000 nits, allowing Samsung’s TVs to deliver a stutter-free gaming experience and superb HDR visuals. 


     Whether you’re a console or PC gamer, playing on a PC display or your living room TV, Radeon FreeSync technology powers exceptional stutter-free gaming experiences,

We launched FreeSync technology with a mission to end frame tearing and dropped frames, as well as improve the experience for gamers around the world. With Samsung’s FreeSync technology QLED TVs, extra smooth gameplay visuals have never been so accessible, and never in such a large and appealing format.

AMD FreeSync has been added to 20 Samsung QLED TVs


Sadly, AMD and Samsung have not updated their websites to offer any details about the FreeSync on Samsung’s latest QLED displays, with AMD’s FreeSync website having no information about Samsung’s TVs while Samsung’s online product listings offer no mention of the feature. This lack of clarification means that we have no idea how wide the FreeSync range is on these TVs, which is an important factor to consider when it comes to FreeSync screens. 

With FreeSync coming to both televisions and consoles, it seems clear that Variable Refresh Rates will become the norm in the coming years, especially if Sony adopt the standard on their PS4 series systems. HDMI 2.1 has VRR built into the specification, which may eventually force Nvidia to get off their G-Sync high-horse and adopt an industry-wide VRR standard, which would be great news for consumers.

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