AMD R9 Fury Price Decease Immanent?

AMD R9 Nano Price Decrease

AMD R9 Fury Price Decease Immanent 


After AMD’s R9 Nano received a price decrease last week it say on UK shelves for as cheap as £389.99 at Overclockers UK, a decrease from its original UK price of £509.99. This price decrease made the R9 Nano very price competitive with the GTX 980, but left the R9 Fury in a very difficult position, offering similar performance at a higher power consumption and price.

Now rumors suggest that AMD will be soon decreasing the price of their R9 Fury GPUs in order to readdress the balance, making the GPU cheaper than the R9 Nano again and really lighting a fire under the GTX 980’s value in terms of performance per pound, or whatever currency you use.  

Right now the R9 Fury sits at around £419 in price, making it a hard sell against the R9 Nano. 

 AMD R9 Fury Price Decease Immanent   AMD R9 Fury Price Decease Immanent   

R9 Fury (Left), R9 Nano (Right)


The R9 Nano is easily the most powerful GPU for it’s size and has no real competition in the ITX form factor, though with it’s old price there were other solutions that provided much higher performance per dollar, like the R9 Fury and GTX 980.

Now with the R9 Nano having such a low price AMD is now in the weird position that they need to reduce the price of their R9 Fury in order to better compete with their own R9 Nano, a self inflicted problem to say the least. 

Right now this is just a rumor that has not been confirmed by AMD or any of their representatives, but given the R9 Fury’s position compared to the Nano a price decrease seems necessity at this point. 


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