AMD’s RX Vega has been compared to a GTX 1080 Ti in a “blind” gaming test

AMD's RX Vega has been compared to a GTX 1080 Ti in a

AMD’s RX Vega has been compared to a GTX 1080 Ti in a “blind” gaming test

As the launch of AMD’s RX Vega approaches masses of PC gamers have been watching and waiting to see how well AMD’s new flagship GPU will perform. Sadly information about AMD’s RX Vega has been in short supply in recent months, leaving many to think that the RX Vega is a dud or that it is unable to compete with Nvidia’s existing high-end offerings.  

AMD has recently allowed HardOCP to conduct their own “blind” gaming test to compare AMD’s Reference RX Vega to Nvidia’s GTX 1080 Ti Founders Edition, where the outlet setup two identical systems, one of which used an RX Vega with a 100Hz 3440×1440 gaming monitor while the other used a GTX 1080 Ti and a 100Hz G-Sync monitor. This means that the only factor that should change the gaming experience with these systems is GPU performance.   

Sadly this test was only conducted in DOOM (2016) when running on Vulkan, which means that these results should not be applicable to any game other than DOOM. HardOCP was unable to conduct this test on other games due to time constraints. 


AMD's RX Vega has been compared to a GTX 1080 Ti in a   (Test systems, monitor markings were covered for the duration of the test)

In this test, 10 twitch gamers were asked to play DOOM on both systems twice and then say which offered the smoothest gameplay experience. After the test, Six out of the ten gamers could not distinguish between the two systems, saying that both provided a similar gameplay experience, while three preferred the Vega powered system and one favoured the Nvidia-powered system. 

What can be gleaned from this test is that both systems offer a similar gameplay experience in DOOM when running on Vulkan, though it is unknown how both systems would compare in other gaming scenarios or when using more data-driven testing methods.  



The results shown here are certainly positive for the RX Vega, though it is also clear that these results are pretty meaningless on their own, as nobody plays DOOM exclusively and a lot of this test was based on human judgement and not on conclusive data. 


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