AMD’s Vega 10 GPU has appeared in Linux drivers

AMD's Vega 10 GPU has appeared in in Linux drivers

AMD’s Vega 10 GPU has appeared in Linux drivers


AMD’s Vega 10 GPU has appeared in Linux drivers, with over 40K new lines of code to support the new hardware, which comes with a new BIOS interface as well as a lot of new intellectual property.

It is worth noting that this patch is much larger than what was required to support Polaris, showcasing how much has changed with their new Vega architecture. This new patch also includes referenced to seven different Vega 10 GPUs, which will likely make up AMD’s upcoming Radeon RX, Radeon Pro and Radeon Instinct lines of GPUs.   

Vega will now support video decode using UVD 7.0 (with Polaris supporting UVD 6), with the new architecture also supporting video encode with VCE 4.0 (Polaris supported VCE 3.0). At this time the exact upgrades included in these new encode/decode engines are unknown. 


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Polaris 12 has also been added to AMD’s Linux driver, which should be added into the mainline Linux kernel version 4.12 if the new code is reviewed favourably by the Linux Foundation. 

Right now there is no set release date for Vega, though it is expected to have released by late May, with the RX 500 series releasing in mid-late April. 


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