AOC launches AGON as a unique sub-brand for gamers

AOC launches AGON as a unique brand for gamers

AOC launches AGON as a unique sub-brand for gamers

AOC is one of the world’s largest monitor manufacturers, and in recent years one of the company’s largest growth vectors has been in the gaming market. Gamers are demanding monitors with higher resolutions and faster refresh rates, and AOC wants to meet those demands.  

AGON has been the brand name for AOC’s premium monitors for several years, acting as a mark of quality that separates their mainstream displays from their gaming-focused models. Now, AOC has created a new AGON sub-brand to fully cater to the needs of gamers with new monitors and accessories.

While AGON by AOC will be the official name of the sub-brand, AGON will be how it will mostly be referred to as by gamers. Instead of “AOC AGON XXXXXX”, new displays should be the “AGON XXXXX”, somewhat simplifying AOC’s naming scheme for gaming-grade products. With AGON, AOC will have a brand that will solely focus on the gaming market, which is good news for gamers.

By creating AGON, AOC revealed their plans to create more gaming products both inside and outside of the monitor market and to focus their products on the needs of this specific market. Extra competition within the gaming accessories market is a good thing for all of us, as it should push standards higher within premium market segments and keep pricing low within the budget gaming market. 

Many of AOC’s existing products will soon be rebranded as AGON by AOC models, and soon new products will be released to expand the AGON by AOC product stack. We look forward to seeing what AOC will have to offer PC gamers in the future. 

AOC launches AGON as a unique brand for gamers  
Press Release

AOC, the world’s number one gaming monitor and IT accessories brand, announces the launch of its new umbrella brand AGON by AOC. The new brand will consolidate AOC’s existing gaming monitors and accessories line-ups and extend their portfolio for casual gamers, competitive gamers and ambitious esports players, with new models.

Stefan Sommer, Head of Global Marketing at AOC: “The gaming industry and the esports sector in particular belong to the fastest growing technology markets – and the most exciting ones for sure. We are more than proud to share our new brand concept and vision with this unique community. AGON by AOC will surely raise the bar when it comes to gaming ecosystems – and elevate the game of many more gamers around the world.”

With AGON by AOC, gamers are introduced to an immersive experience no matter their skill levels or the game genres they prefer. Dedicating itself even more to serving gamers worldwide, AGON by AOC is committed to create the best gaming ecosystem from mice to monitors for MMORPGs, racing games, simulations or FPS games – for curious adventurers, experienced heroes and professional legends.

Launching into a fantastic story

AGON by AOC is a universe unique to the industry. As the legend says, in a dystopian reality, not very different from our own, the AGON league has gathered the best warriors with specific skills to fight the evil powers. Only together they are strong enough to defeat the enemy – similar to how community is key in gaming and esports in particular. Introducing mesmerising visuals and detailed character designs, AGON by AOC elevates itself from a gaming hardware producer to the creator of a whole gaming universe – represented by its growing gaming ecosystem.

We are excited to celebrate this new era with you and remain at your disposal for questions and requests. Stay tuned for the grand opening on 27 July and keep your eyes peeled for more news from us and details shared on the AGON by AOC social media channels.

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