Apple sets up a new office on Imagination Technologies’ doorstep

Apple sets up a London office on Imagination Technologies' doorstep

Apple plans to house their GPU division on in St Albans

Apple has announced that they will be renting a 22,500 square foot office in St Albans, Hertfordshire, an office which will reportedly house the company’s GPU division. This office is a mere eight miles away from the headquarters of Imagination Technologies, who currently produces the GPU technology that is found in Apple’s iPhone. 

At the time of writing Imagination Technologies is in a legal battle with Apple, with the company stating that Apple would be unable to create their own graphics IP without infringing on Imagination’s patents. Apple has since pointed out that they first informed Imagination that they would be “winding down our (their) licensing agreement” on February 9th, with Imagination stating that Apple told them at the end of March and later telling shareholders on April 3rd.

Apple has also stated that back in 2015 warned Imagination Technologies that they would stop accepting new IP from them, which seems to indicate that Apple has been planning this move for some time. 


Apple sets up a London office on Imagination Technologies' doorstep  

Imagination Technologies now fears that Apple will soon poach the companies talented workforce, which would no doubt accelerate Apple’s own GPU development plans. Given Imagination’s current financial standing, it is likely that a lot of their workforce could move to other companies who promise greater job security. 

Apple accounted for almost half of Imagination’s revenue last year, with the company now searching for buyers who seek to acquire the whole company. At this time the future of Imagination Technologies remains uncertain. 


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