Arena 3D – Super Stardust on PC!

Arena 3D - Super Stardust on PC!

Arena 3D – Super Stardust on PC!


Arena 3D, a game that can be best described as the love child of Super Stardust and Geometry wars has just hit Steam Greenlight.  

This game has quickly became one of the most popular titles on the Steam Greenlight platform and is currently available in as an early beta version on This build has a single level which can be played for free. 


     Fast, furious and colourful arcade action! As an avid fan of great arcade games of the past, I’m looking to recreate the retro glory in a beautifully realised 3D environment! Plans are for 40 levels with a mixture between fast paced action, and the need to use your head. Every level will be different and will be based around arcade hits from the past! 



While at the moment top down shooters like this are not new, it would be great to see some more of this colourful and visually impressive game come to steam, especially if it comes at a reasonable price. 

Hopefully this developer will continue to update this title and give differentiate this title a little more from others in the genre. 


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