ATI – DX11 Here We Come

ATI – DX11 Here We Come
 DirectX 11
With all the talk about Nvidia’s GT300 GPU, ATI hasn’t really had a look in until now. To combat the Nvidia card ATI are planning to release the RV800, the first  of a number of DirectX 11 graphics cards planned for later this year. Like previous generations the plan is to make the RV800 (5870×2) a dual chip design, this time based on the 40nm manufacturing process.
To tackle the other cards in Nvidia’s G300 series ATI will launch the RV870, or 5870 as it will more than likely be called. The RV840 (5850) to take on the midrange section, and an RV810 to work its magic in the lower end segment of the market.
Spec wise it looks like the 5870×2 will be based around GDDR5 memory, with a total of 1200×2 stream processors, a core clock of 950MHz, memory clock of 1150MHz and overall bandwidth of 286GB/s making it a very powerful card indeed.
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