Codemaster’s EGO Engine 4.0 can support DirectX 12

Codemastersâ?? EGO Engine 4.0 can support DirectX 12

Codemaster’s EGO Engine 4.0 can support DirectX 12


According to GDC’s schedule Codemaster’s EGO Engine 4.0 can already support DirectX 12, hinting that a DirectX 12 update could be coming to F1 2015. 

The description states the Intel and Codemaster has been working closely in order to optimize the games graphics for their Iris Pro graphics and make use of DirectX 12’s features in order to improve performance. 


     Codemasters present a post-mortem on their new rendering engine used for F1 2015 detailing how they balanced the apparently opposing goals optimizing for mainstream processor graphics, high end multi-core and DX12. The F1 2015 engine is Codemasters’ first to target the eighth generation of consoles and PC’s with a new engine architecture designed from scratch to distribute the games workload across many cores making it a great candidate for DX12 and utilise the processing power of high end PC’s. This session will show the enhanced the visuals created using a threaded CPU based particle system without increased the GPU demands and also cover the changes made to the engine while moving from DX11 to DX12. We will also discuss the graphics effects added using the new DX12 features Raster Ordered Views (AVSM and Decal Blending) and Conservative Rasterization (Voxel based ray tracing) adding even greater realism to the F1 world.

An insight into the main architectural changes needed to move successfully to DX12 and realise a performance benefit together with an understanding of some of the new effects possible with feature level 12 capable hardware. 
An understanding of how to balance CPU and GPU workloads to get the best of modern PC hardware offering improved visuals and more interactive environments.


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While a lot of DirectX 12’s new features have been used, there is no mention of Asynchronous compute being used, so it looks like the EGO Engine 4.0 will not be not making use of full DirectX 12 feature set, though it may just be missing from the description as Intel’s integrated Graphics currently do not support it. 


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