Fable Legends DX12 Benchmark – AMD VS Nvidia

Fable Legends Benchmark - AMD VS Nvidia

Fable Legends Benchmark – AMD VS Nvidia


Everyone is looking forward to see how DirectX 12 will perform, how much of a performance gain will we get? Will it have much of an affect on the GPU market? 

Fable Legends is still a game which is a work in progress, but the guys and girls over at Extremetech have been able to use a benchmarking tool for the upcoming game, giving us a great chance to see how well AMD and Nvidia GPUs perform against each other. 

To start off with Extremetech have benchmarked AMD and Nvidia’s current Flagship GPUs, the GTX 980Ti and the R9 Fury X at the 3 of the benchmark’s detail levels, with V-Sync turned off.


  Fable Legends Benchmark - AMD VS Nvidia

As ou can see above both flagship GPUs perform almost identically, with the AMD R9 Fury X winning in the 1080p and 720p benchmarks and the GTX 980Ti managing a slight lead at 4K.

If one were to just look at these two GPUs you could easily say that both perform very similarly in DirectX 12, but if you look at the more detailed set of benchmarks below you can see that AMD clearly comes out on top in the lower end of the market. 

AMD’s R9 380 beats Nvidia’s GTX 960 by significant margin, giving AMD a massive advantage in the Sub £200 GPU pricepoint.

Most surprisingly at both 1080p and 4K AMD’s R9 390 beats Nvidia’s GTX 980, which is a GPU which is a GPU that is over £150 more expensive. The AMD R9 390 is a price competitor to Nvidia’s GTX 970, so a R9 390 beating a GTX 980 here is a massive shock.   


Fable Legends Benchmark - AMD VS Nvidia  Fable Legends Benchmark - AMD VS Nvidia  


Right now we do not know if this is just a game specific advantage for AMD or if this will be the case for other DirectX 12 titles. With AMD having already gained a lead over Nvidia in Oxide Games’ Ashes of a Singularity benchmark Nvidia have a right to be worried by DirectX 12, though they still have plenty of time to further optimist their drivers before any of these game s come to market.  


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