Fallout 4 Full Map Revealed

Bethesda releases Fallout 4

Fallout 4 Full Map Revealed


Fallout 4 is based in and around Boston Massachusetts in the US, but until now the map itself has remained a mystery, with it’s size and look being under wraps by Bethesda.

Bethesda have said that it is the same size as Skyrim in the past, which was around 39km square, but right now the exact scale of this map is unknown. (this leaked map does have a scale but its calculations are incorrect)


Fallout 4 Full Map Revealed  

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This map was taken in sections by looking at the Pip-boy while inside Power Armour, as it is where the map can be seen at it’s largest on-screen. Sections of the map were then placed over each other to form the full Fallout 4 map that can be seen above. 

Sadly this map does not include much detail, but it is huge!

You can find Screenshots of Fallout 4 on PC at Ultra details here.  


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