First ATI R600 Graphics Processor’s Photos Published

News Posted 27/11/2006
Author: PV5150
Source: X-bit labs

Southeast Asia-based media has published photos of what is claimed to be ATI’s next-generation R600 graphics processing unit (GPU). Without giving any particular details, the photos reveal somewhat strange placement of the relatively large chip on the substrate.

Earlier it was reported that AMD/ATI code-named R600 graphics processor is the first ATI’s chip compliant with DirectX 10 standards. Previously released information also says that R600 will have 64 unified shader processors, 16 texture units, clock-speeds well beyond 650MHz – 700MHz and support for high-speed GDDR4 memory controller. Some sources also suggested that the R600 will have 512-bit physical memory interface.

ATI R600ATI R600

The chip is rumoured to be produced using 80nm process technology. The approximate number of transistors is yet unclear. Recent media reports state that Advanced Micro Devices is set to formally launch the R600 graphics processor and, possibly, first graphics cards on January, 20, 2007.

ATI R600 markings

The chips, which are claimed to be ATI’s R600, were produced on the 32nd week of 2006, which is early August. Officials from ATI did not comment on the news-story.

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