GeForce 8800 Ultra Card & Final Clocks Unveiled

News Posted 27/04/07
Author: PV5150
Source: VR-Zone

Nvidia logo

For those of you eagerly awaiting the arrival of ATI’s HD 2900 XT card, an image of Nvidia’s 8800 Ultra card has made an appearance just to add to the confusion of which card to buy. The image that you see below is actually sporting one of two reference coolers that Nvidia allowed partners to choose from and according to rumours, this was the better. According to the source article the 8800 Ultra’s final clocks are 650MHz for the core and 2.16GHz for the GDDR3 memories.

Further, Industry sources are suggesting that Nvidia may alter the final pricing for the card…possibly to make ATI’s flagship card less atractive. You can expect the card to be available by mid May, again, right on time to spoil ATI’s HD 2900 XT release party.

Nvidia 8800 Ultra

Isn’t it just the meanest looking card?

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