KINGPIN is now working with PNY to work on next-generation graphics cards

KINGPIN has said goodbye to EVGA, but KINGPIN GPUs may soon return with PNY

If you were a fan of EVGA, you have probably heard the name “KINGPIN”. Vince “KINGPIN” Lucido is an extreme overclocker that worked with EVGA on their highest-end products, all of which launched with “KINGPIN” branding. Now that EVGA has left the GPU market, KINGPIN has searched for work with a new partner. After exploring partnerships with companies like MSI, KINGPIN has started working with PNY. PNY is a GPU maker that currently doesn’t make enthusiast-grade overclocking products.

KINGPIN’s partnership with PNY appears to be in its early stages. In the Gamers Nexus interview below, KINGPIN confirmed that he only recently received an XOC (Xtreme Overclocking) GPU BIOS from PNY. Additionally, the overclocker is still working with PNY’s software to get a grip of its lighting, fan control, and other functions.

Why is KINGPIN working with PNY?

EVGA’s departure from the GPU market leaves room for another company to fill its niche. While KINGPIN could work for a company like MSI, ASUS, Galax, or Gigabyte, all of those companies are established brands with overclocking divisions. With PNY, there is an opportunity to build something fresh. In addition, the established overclocking segments of other GPU brands can create a “too many cooks” situation for each brand’s in-house overclockers.

PNY showcased a lot of interest in the “overclocking” market, and the desire to work with KINGPIN to shake up the GPU industry. In short, they gave KINGPIN an opportunity that other brands couldn’t. That’s why this unlikely partnership was formed.

In the above video, it is speculated that Nvidia will be releasing new GPUs this year. This will likely come in the form of their rumoured RTX 5090. This means that an RTX 5090 KINGPIN GPU could be on the horizon. EVGA may have left the GPU market, but the KINGPIN brand lives on.

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