LG UltraGear OLED 45GS95QE becomes the first DisplayHDR 1.2 certified monitor

LG’s UltraGear OLED 45GS95QE is the first screen to pass VESA’s stricter DisplayHDR 1.2 tests

Earlier this month, VESA updated their DisplayHDR standards. With DisplayHDR 1.2, VESA has added new testing criteria and have increased the baseline standards of each of their HDR display certifications. Now, LG has confirmed that their UltraGear OLED 45GS95QE gaming monitor has become the first monitor to become DisplayHDR 1.2 certified.

LG’s newly certified UltraGear OLED is a 45-inch 3440 x 1440 OLED monitor that boasts a 240Hz refresh rate. The screen is both DisplayHDR True Black 400 and VESA ClearMR 13000 certified. The screen also supports Adaptive Sync, AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, and is Nvidia G-Sync Compatible.

By recertifying their display, LG has confirmed that their newest OLED screens meet the heightened standards of VESA’ new HDR standards. Moving forward, we expect to see more screens become DisplayHDR 1.2 certified, popularising the new version of the standard.

Monitor buyers should be aware that new DisplayHDR 1.2 screens pass much stricter certification processes than older DisplayHDR screens. As such, it is worth checking when your screen was verified to see if it meets the latest standards. Hopefully, monitors tested to the new DisplayHDR 1.2 standard will be labelled as such to minimise confusion.

LG’s UltraGear OLED 45GS95QE gaming  monitor is currently available for $1,299.99.

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