Manli Denies ECC listings for Nvidia GA-104 and GTX 2080/2070

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Manli Denies ECC listings for Nvidia GA-104 and GTX 2080/2070

Yesterday, several EEC listings came to light which included information about Nvidia’s rumoured next-generation graphics cards. These listed originated from the graphics card manufacturer Manli, revealing the GA-104 (Ampere?) codename and GTX 2080 and GTX 2070 graphics cards.    

Manli’s marketing team, hoping to conduct some damage control, has stated that these EEC listings were not from official Manli applications and were not provided by Manli. The manufacturer has claimed that they are investigating these EEC registrations and that the information on them is “not real”. 

At this time it is unclear whether or not this statement from Manli is true, as both Manli and Nvidia have reasons to kill off next-generation graphics card rumours. Manli’s EEC listings could have been planted, though that seems extremely unlikely. 

Below is part of a clarification email from Manli, 

    Dear all,

This is [redacted] from Manli’s marketing team. First of all, thanks for all your support MANLI !! About the product registration on EEC, it’s not officially applied or provided by Manli. We are still investigating at the moment. It is not the real information, we are still checking where the information from and who provided.

Thanks for your cooperation!!

Best Regards,


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(Data from EEC)
On August 20th, Nvidia plans to host their “Geforce Gaming Celebration” where the company is likely to reveal their next generation of graphics cards. If this is the case, we can expect more leaks and other information dumps in the near future. 

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