Nvidia RTX 50 Series Blackwell GPU Specifications Leak

Nvidia’s GB20X Blackwell GPU core specifications leak

Thanks to @kopite7kimi, the GPU core specifications for Nvidia’s next-generation GPU lineup have leaked. Now, we can see the raw specifications the Nvidia Blackwell RTX 50 series GPU core lineup. Note, that these specifications are for Nvidia’s GPU silicon, not their planned GPUs. Nvidia can choose to utilise the full specifications of this hardware, or some/most of it.

Below are the reported specifications of Nvidia’s GM20X GPU designs. Note that Nvidia’s AD102 has 144 Stream Multiprocessors (SM) and Nvidia’s RTX 4090 uses 128 SMs.

  • GB202 – 192 Stream Multiprocessors – 512-bit memory bus – GDDR7 Memory
  • GB203 – 84 Stream Multiprocessors – 256-bit memory bus – GDDR7 Memory
  • GB205 – 50 Stream Multiprocessors – 192-bit memory bus – GDDR7 Memory
  • GB206 – 36 Stream Multiprocessors – 128-bit memory bus – GDDR7 Memory
  • GB207 – 20 Stream Multiprocessors – 128-bit memory bus – GDDR6 Memory

Rumour has it that Nvidia’s RTX 5090 graphics card will use Nvidia’s GB202 silicon with a 448-bit memory bus. This would give the RTX 5090 access to 28GB of GDDR7 memory. Additionally, it leaves some of the Nvidia’s GB202 silicon untapped for a potential RTX 5090 Ti or RTX Titan Blackwell GPU model.

GB203 is the Nvidia Blackwell silicon that most resembles its high-end Ada-based counterpart, AD103. With 84 SM units, it has only four more SM units than Nvidia’s AD103 silicon. AD103 was the core design behind Nvidia’s RTX 4080, RTX 4080 SUPER, and RTX 4070 Ti SUPER.

With GB206, we have an identical SM configuration to AD106. While Nvidia’s newer Blackwell model will benefit from Blackwell’s architectural enhancements and GDDR7 memory, it is very similar in design to its Ada counterpart. This will make for a very interesting comparison when Blackwell launches, as it will allow us to see exactly what Blackwell delivers over today’s Ada-based Nvidia GPUs.

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