Nvidia Teases ‘Ultimate Gaming Experience’ for Computex/GTC Taiwan event

Nvidia Teases 'Ultimate Gaming Experience' at Computex/GTC Taiwan

Nvidia Teases ‘Ultimate Gaming Experience’ at Computex/GTC Taiwan

Nvidia is set to host another GTC (GPU Technology Conference) event in Taiwan on May 30th, shortly before the start of Computex, with plans to discuss artificial intelligence and what they call the “Ultimate Gaming Experience” at the event.   

While Computex may be an ideal venue for Nvidia’s paper launch of their highly anticipated  GTX 11/20 series of graphics cards, it is more likely that Nvidia will focus their attention on their G-Sync HDR technology and their Big Format Gaming Displays (BFGDs). 

In recent years Nvidia’s focus has shifted towards AI and enterprise-grade workloads, focusing on high margin markets as the gaming graphics market stagnates. Two years have passed since the release of Nvidia’s first Pascal powered graphics cards, though during this time none of the company’s competitors has been able to deliver high-end graphics chips to market that can compete with the likes of Nvidia’s GTX 1080 Ti. 
   Utilizing GPU computing to explore the world’s infinite possibilities – witness the power of artificial intelligence and the ultimate gaming experience in GTC Taiwan and Computex 2018.


Nvidia Teases 'Ultimate Gaming Experience' at Computex/GTC Taiwan


Expect Nvidia to showcase G-Sync HDR in full force at Computex, alongside a lot of AI data that most of us PC gaming enthusiasts won’t be interested in. While a graphics card launch is not out of the question, the company has no reason to rush their next generation graphics cards to the market, since the company will only be competing with their existing Pascal series GPUs. 

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