NVIDIA Getting Ready For Shader Model 5.0 GPU

News Posted 13/03/07
Author: PV5150
Source: VR-Zone

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According to our online source (via X-bit), Nvidia’s new SDK 10 which was released just last week includes CG profiles as Fragment50, Vertex50, Geometry50 which means it supports architecture micro-code profiles for Pixel Shaders 5.0, Vertex Shaders 5.0 and Geometry Shaders 5.0.

The inclusion of the architecture micro-code inside a compiler indicates that NVIDIA foresees the arrival of Shader Model 5.0-capable hardware soon enough to enable game developers to compile their titles for it.  We heard faintly that G90 will come quickly so it seems NVIDIA is gearing up for that and it should support SM 5.0 and DX 10.1. NVIDIA has revealed in their CUDA release note that there will be a new NVIDIA GPU by late 2007 that supports double precision arithmetic so that could be G90. From our sources, we came to know that ATi is pushing for 55nm and DX10.1 by early 2008 and that could be R700.


DX 10.1 sports new features like per Multi-RenderTarget blend modes, MSAA control, cube map arrays, more interstage registers for VS, improved precision for FP32 filtering and CPU-level operations. In the future, probably we could see a new pipeline stage called Control Point Shader for fixed function tessellation and others like order-independent translucency, better texture management and compression etc. in the DX11 hardware.

DX10 chart

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