Nvidia’s Geforce 384 driver supports 4K Netflix on PC

Nvidia's Geforce 384 driver supports 4K Netflix on PC

Nvidia’s latest GPU drivers support Ultra HD Netflix on PC

Nvidia’s latest 384-series GPU drivers come with a boatload of surprises, bringing DirectX 12 support to Fermi-based GTX 400 and 500 series GPUs and 4K Netflix support to Pascal users. 
Previously, 4K Netflix support was exclusive to Intel’s Kaby Lake CPUs, due in part to their support for HEVC Decoding abilities, though now this option has been opened up to Nvidia users. 
Ultra HD Netflix will be limited to Nvidia Pascal GPU owners who use Windows 10’s dedicated Netflix App and Nvidia Geforce 384.76 drivers or newer. This is thanks to Nvidia’s work to ensure that their latest drivers comply with all relevant DRM measures, though this comes with some compromises. 


Nvidia's Geforce 384 driver supports 4K Netflix on PC

Netflix 4K required certain DRM checks to convince rights holders that the PC is safe to stream to, which means that all of the user’s displays must be HDCP 2.2 compliant, even in a multi-monitor setup. This will be a huge problem for those that use an older display alongside a 4K monitor. 

This leaves AMD as the only GPU maker on the PC platform to lack support for Netflix 4K, though this could be added in time with driver updates.

Right now, the playback of premium 4K content is highly restricted on PC, be it Netflix Streaming or the Direct playback of 4K UltraHD Blu-Ray movies. Hopefully in time using this content will become easier, though for now it is restricted to select OS’ and hardware configurations, leaving those with older PCs in the dark. 


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