Nvidia’s RTX 5090 may feature this HUGE Founders Edition cooler

Recent rumours suggest that Nvidia’s RTX 4090 Ti prototype heatsink may be the basis of their RTX 5090 Founders Edition

It looks like Nvidia’s upcoming RTX 5090 Founders Edition graphics card will feature an unorthodox PCB design. This unique triple PCB layout changes the way that we think about GPU cooling, offering users a “flow-through” heatsink design that is unlike any other GPU cooling solution that we have ever seen.

If these reports are true, Nvidia’s leaked RTX 4090 Ti heatsink prototype may be the basis of their Nvidia’s own RTX 5090 models. That means that Nvidia’s RTX 5090 Founders Edition could be a 4-slot monster!

Based on the recent 3-PCB rumours for Nvidia’s RTX 5090, it looks like Nvidia’s leaked RTX 4090 Ti/ Titan Ada GPU cooler may finally be mass produced with the RTX 50 series.

A fundamentally new GPU heatsink design

Based on the image below, this heatsink design places features three fans. One fan is at the front of the heatsink. Another is in the middle, and the final heatsink is in its rear. Overall, this heatsink uses a “flow-through” design, with its main PCB at the bottom of the graphics card.

Below, we can see the base of this new GPU cooler design, where the GPU’s primary PCB is mounted. Here is where the GPU’s primary PCB is mounted. This PCB will feature the RTX 5090’s GPU core, memory, and power circuity. This PCB will run parallel with a a user’s motherboard, and at a right angle to a standard PCIe slot connector. This is why this GPU’s PCIe connector will be on a secondary PCB.

Finally, the third PCB of this graphics card will feature the graphics card’s I/O connectors. This should include both the GPU’s HDMI and DisplayPort connections.

Power for this GPU design is supplied though a single 12V-2×6 power connector. Currently, the power draw of Nvidia’s RTX 5090 is unknown. The 12V-2×6 connector is rated for 600 watts of power draw, add on 75W from this GPU’s PCIe connector, and this GPU could consume up to 675W of power. Even so, we doubt Nvidia would push their power draw that high with this GPU.

Overall, this new GPU design will have the appearance of an enlarged RTX 4090 Founders Edition. Even so, internally it represents a fundamental departure from traditional GPU heatsink design. Nvidia are thinking outside of the box with their next-generation GPU designs, and we love it!

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