OCUK Stocks Sub-100 Pound FreeSync Monitor

AOC Launches 99 pound FreeSync monitors

AOC Launches 99 pound FreeSync monitors


When we first hear about AMD’s FreeSync technology we were always told that FreeSync in itself would not bring with it any price increases over monitors without it, but until now this new technology has came at a small price premium, though remains cheaper than G-Sync. 

AOC are now the first company to bring FreeSync into the mainstream, with 1080p panels which will be priced at £99 and £129 for the 21.5″ G2260VWQ6 and the  24″ G2460VQ6  models respectively. 

  AOC Launches 99 pound FreeSync monitors


 These monitors may not be the best in terms of specifications, but for their respective prices they are exceptionally competitive with similar non-FreeSync panels and take Nvidia G-Sync Panels entirely out of the equation, with the lowest priced G-Sync panels being over £300.


     This AOC G2460VQ6 monitor is perfect for endless gaming sessions. With one milisecond response time high precision gaming is guarenteed while the newly introduced Anti-Blue Light Technology reduces the strain on the eyes. By shifting the blue light instead of filtering it out, the colours remain true.

Additionally AOCs Flicker FREE reduces the strain on the eye even further. This means the gaming experience is as brilliant as ever, perfected by advanced eye protection. Together with AMD FreeSync this monitor ensures great visuals and full detail without image tearing or blurring. Countless hours of gaming are no problem anymore!


Both of these panels are traditional 60Hz display, with the spec sheet claiming that it has a scanning range of 48-75Hz. Right now we cannot be certain what this panel’s FreeSync Range is, but the fact it has FreeSync at all is amazing for the price. 

  AOC Launches 99 pound FreeSync monitors  

Both panels will have VGA, HDMI and Displayport connections and will have a VESA mount, which will allow this monitor to be used on monitor arms for a multi Screen configuration. 

These monitors show that what FreeSync will be in the future, a normal feature for monitors which does not have a hefty price premium. With Intel now looking to adopt the VESA Adaptive Sync/FreeSync standard and such affordable monitors coming out with FreeSync capability it would not be much of an exaggeration to say the G-Sync may be starting to lose the battle against FreeSync.

Both of these monitors are currently available on Overclockers UK for the price of £99.95 for the AOC G2260VWQ6 22″ and £129.95 AOC G2460VWQ6 24″. 


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