Oculus are rumoured to reveal a $200 standalone VR headset later this year

Oculus are rumoured to reveal a $200 standalone VR headset later this year

Oculus is rumoured to release a $200 standalone VR headset in 2018

Rumours of Facebook/Oculus’ next VR headset have started materialising online, with many websites reporting that a mid-range $200 VR headset will be released sometime in 2018. 

This new headset will sit somewhere betweSamsung’sg’s GearVR and Oculus’ Rift headset, coming with self-contained hardware that will not require any external compute device like a mobile phone or PC to function. 

Oculus reportedly call this headset project “Pacific”, which will include integrated head tracking technology and offer a better experience than existing mobile phone based mobile VR solutions, with Oculus expecting this new headset to easily fit into bags or backpacks for easy use while on the go.  

A VR prototype called “Santa Cruz” was revealed by Oculus back in 2016, offering many of the features that Facebook’s planned 2018 headset will offer, requiring no external compute hardware or an expensive tracking setup. 



To be clear, this is not the next generation Oculus Rift with tetherless play functions, and it is an entirely different device which will sit between the GearVR and the Oculus Rift to provide a mid-range VR experience without tethers and with fully integrated tracking.  
At this time the final design of Oculus’ standalone VR headset has not been finalised, though it is expected to take on gaming functions as well as offer the ability to playback standard video content and even offer social media features. 
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