Over 25% of Steam Users are using Windows 10 64-bit

Windows 10 is already more popular than any Linux or Mac OS on Steam

Over 25% of Steam Users are using Windows 10 64-bit


Windows 10 has already proven itself to be the most popular Windows OS’ to date, receiving wider adoption within it’s first few months than any other previous version of Windows. 

In Steam’s September hardware Survey Valve found that over 27.6% of total Steam users are using the new OS, with 26.4% using the 64-bit version and 1.01% using the 32-bit version. 

This places Windows 10 as the second most popular Windows OS on steam, behind Windows 7 64-Bit which has a 36.32% share of Steams userbase. This is only 10% higher than Windows 10, so if Windows 10’s Growth continues at this rate it may be the top OS on Steam early next year.

One noteworthy change is that this month the total percentage of users on Windows has declined by 0.32%, with both Linux and Mac OS receiving growth, though this result is only a small improvement and is likely an anomaly. We will continue to monitor these results over the next few months. 


Over 25% of Steam Users are using Windows 10 64-bit



With such widespread adoption in only over 3 months there is no doubt that Windows 10’s popularity will continue to grow, especially as DirectX 12 games and applications become available. Right now adoption of Windows 10 has notably slowed, with the growth of windows 10 64-bit on steam growing by only 2.64% compared to last months 7.60%.  

With over a quarter of Steam users using Windows 10 building games with DirectX 12 in mind looks like a good idea for developers, or at least not as bad of an idea as with the early days of other Microsoft API’s. So far Windows 10 has increased it’s market share on steam by around +10% each month consistently, so it is expected that Windows 10 may even be able become more popular than Windows 7 by the end of the year. 


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